Who We Are



We are few. We are proud. We don't give a fuck

It isn't about who Give No Fucks Apparel is as a brand it's about who you are as a person. What does wearing one of our disgusting T-shirts mean to you? Are you wearing it for a laugh? Are you wearing it because you're an ignorant dickhead? Are you wearing it because you 're a tough guy and hope it will spark a fight or confrontation? Are you wearing it to shock and offend the people who see you wearing it? Or maybe you're just some desperate loner who feels the need to go to extremes in hopes that maybe someone at the grocery store might notice your new stupid fucking shirt and say something to you. No matter what ridiculous reason you're deciding to waste your hard earned money on one of these shirts doesn't matter to me. Just be warned of the consequences you may encounter if you choose to sport our gear.  Now go play in traffic and  have a fucked afternoon!

Our History

2001 -

Lots of metal guitar playing and breaking shit. Occasional fires were lit and lots of property was damaged but no one was hurt....too seriously...that I know of... There was that one time me and my buddy threw a 12 packs worth of glass bottles onto a kids playground but we never really knew what became of that choice.  

2002 -

Lots of drug abuse including weed, alcohol cocaine, syrup, pills, mushrooms, and more... never got into heroin or meth tho. I'm not saying you shouldn't though. By all means please do heroin!

2004 -

Fuck school bitches... These were the years of touring in bands thinking we were gonna be famous or some dumbass shit...we almost got there but more drug abuse and alcoholism paired with lots of titties led us down a different darker path. Several people died. Fuck man. Rock N Roll brotha!

2009 -

Moved to Hollywood to become a fucking millionaire. Lots of crazy shit happened during these years I can never talk about. Further drug use and lots of hard mother fucking work. Less breaking shit. But def still some breaking shit going on.

2016 -

GNF Apparel has arrived!!! We made it bitches. Now come over to my house so I can do cocaine off your titties!

Our Logo

Look at that shit... it's fucking cool isn't it?


No? Well fuck you then.

Our Team

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The only real advantage of wearing a GNF Apparel T-shirt is that someone might decide to try and end your miserable life before it would otherwise end naturally. And I would say that that is just about all the advantage any of us need in this world.
Ok so one fucking advantage wasn't enough for you fucking people? Of course it wasn't you are a greedy human who always wants more. Well how about the fucking fact that the shirts are fucking cool as shit? That is definitely an advantage in a world that is oversaturated with shitty clothing companies who make shitty shit.  
Holy fucking hell are you still here reading this bullshit? How many advantages does your dumb ass need to decide to buy a fucking T-Shirt or not? How about the fact that our shirts will make you stand out in a crowd. Whether or not that is a good thing I'll leave up to you and the angry mob of bystanders to decide. Now get the fuck off this area of the site and go buy something you cheap fuck!