I was a stay at home mother until I ordered a few shirts from GNF Apparel. Shortly after receiving the "Shake Babies" T-shirt, CPS was knocking at my door for child abuse. I told them it wouldn't happen again and life returned to normal for a few quiet months before seeing the "Bath Time!!!" T-shirt show up in the GNF Store.  I obviously couldn't contain my excitement with the shirt and drown my two girls Emma (4) and Haley (2) in the tub.  Now I am writing this testimonial to you from prison on a flip phone I stuffed into my vagina.

Caroline Beek, Satisfied Customer

I have always been a loving husband and father who was dedicated to his family, but then I was gifted GNF Apparels "Treat Your Lady Right" T-Shirt and now my wife has 3 missing teeth in the front of her mouth. I told her if she called the cops on me I would break her legs.

Jamal Thomas, Satisfied Customer

I was a straight A college student going to school and working full time... I was almost done with my bachelors degree. My girlfriend at the time, Laney, was working part time as a hostess at a local restaurant here in our town. Even though Laney wasn't planning on attending college, I looked past our differences in future life goals and we became close throughout the following two summers. It was nearing Christmas time when Laney approached me the with the news. "Im Pregnant!" She squealed... like the fat little pig she was slowly turning into... I shuddered with disbelief and told her we couldn't keep the baby... As soon as I saw the tears welling up in her eyes I remembered GNF Apparel's "In Case Of Pregnancy Use Plan B" T-Shirt and immediately pushed Laney down the stairwell! Fortunately the baby didn't make it. Unfortunately neither did Laney and now I am in a prison cell shacked up next to my bunkmate Krayshawn. Krayshawn thinks I look young for my age. When I first got here I was scared, but Krayshawn promised he would protect me.

John Reynolds, Satisfied Customer