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Let’s make this next meal a VEGAN one!

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Are you fucking tired of hearing about "the poor fucking animals" all day every day from everyone in your fucking life who just randomly decided to go Vegan like 2 weeks ago??? ...Yeah me fucking too!  At the end of the day shit is going to die and things are going to get eaten.  Its the fucking circle of life... Get over it and move on with your life.  When there is millions of dollars to be made, you need to realize that you and your shitty little peta videos and dumb ass protest signs aren't going to stop shit from happening to the animals when you're battling a giant like the meat industry.... and most of humanity... Just because they throw baby chicks in grinders and deprive animals of their natural right to water and movement doesn't mean I can't take part in the carnage and enjoy a mother fucking piece of steak once in awhile... in fact FUCK steak. Let's make this next meal a VEGAN one!

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